With 26,000 square feet of collaboration space in the heart of the conference capital of the U.S.--Las Vegas, Nevada--as well its proximity to Nellis Air Force Base and UNLV, AFWERX Vegas is positioned to connect people and resources across government, the private sector, and academia. The Air Force supports and provides collaborative spaces and tools for innovation efforts.

AFWERX Vegas specializes in:

  • Industry challenges which provide fast, non-bureaucratic pathways for Air Force stakeholders to scout the best solutions from industry and academia
  • A prototyping workshop where Airmen, students, or garage tinkerers build and test technologies
  • Trained design thinking facilitators who convene subject-matter experts from the Air Force, industry and academia to support Airmen intrapreneurs
  • Event and office space for Air Force teams or entrepreneurs

By participating in our events, workshops, hackathons, meetups and industry challenges, you join a community with access to a vast network of experienced facilitators and other subject matter experts. We can connect you to the appropriate stakeholders within the Air Force to expedite contracting and funding.

Info Sessions

Our team hosts a webinar every Monday at 11:00 AM PT for companies interested in learning more about AFWERX. Use the form below to register for the next webinar.


Meet the Team

  • Colby Edwards's Photo

    Colby Edwards

    Deputy Director

  • Mark Rowland's photo

    Mark Rowland

    Innovation Actualizer

  • Daryl Gibson's Photo

    Daryl Gibson

    Senior Innovation Integrator

  • Liz Escamilla's Photo

    Liz Escamilla

    Liaison, Air Force Research Lab

  • Brittney's photo

    Brittney Martino

    Strategic Engagement Officer

  • Bobby Mack's photo

    Bobby Mack

    Marketing Manager

  • Lisa's photo

    Lisa Hendricks

    Special Events Manager

  • Matt Viton's photo

    Matt Viton

    Prototyping Lab Coordinator

  • Antonia's photo

    Antonia Young

    Office Manager

  • George Moncrief's photo

    George Moncrief

    Tech Scout

  • Nathan Riddle's photo

    Nathan Riddle

    Content Creator

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3773 Howard Hughes Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89169

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