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Autonomous Technology Accelerator

Scouting and rapidly validating commercial ventures against military needs

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, major technology trends that affect our national security will continue to emerge from private industry innovators, and the Air Force's competitive advantage will be our ability to quickly identify, validate, acquire, and integrate those technologies.

Technology Accelerators provide startup companies with education, resources, mentorship, and access to investors and customers in order to bolster those companies' likelihood of success. In 2017, the Air Force began sponsoring accelerators to attract high-quality companies and to facilitate collaboration opportunities between those companies and their potential Air Force customers.

Through this effort, commercially viable and operationally useful companies can continue to be nurtured by the commercial market, and the Air Force can access solutions. This strategic optionality increases our acquisition agility and decreases long-term costs to the government in an ever-changing operational environment.

Steve Lauver

Capability Lead, Technology Accelerator

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How to Get Involved

AFWERX sponsors a flagship accelerator each year to improve upon and draw awareness to the tool, but Technology Accelerators can be leveraged by any Program Manager to scout and validate emerging technologies in their mission area.

If you are considering using this tool at your unit, please send an email to Steve Lauver - we are happy to share lessons learned and best practices, and to work alongside you to build out your accelerator portfolio!