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Unleashing the innovative capacity of our Airmen

Spark Tank is an annual competition during which Airmen and Guardians pitch innovative ideas to top Department of the Air Force leadership and a panel of industry experts. Hosted each year at the Air Force Association’s Warfare Symposium, thousands of attendees watch the pitch competition.

To support Spark Tank, SAF/MG launched the Guardian and Airmen Innovation Network (G.A.I.N.) platform, which allows Airmen and Guardians to share ideas, critique submissions, and upvote the most promising solutions. The personnel with the most game-changing and upvoted ideas then compete at the culminating Spark Tank event.

Spark Tank 2022 Submissions

Submit your idea now! Submissions are due October 15th, 2021. Submissions on the G.A.I.N. platform will require the following fields:

  • Title of your solution
  • Excite the crowd and summarize your solution in a few sentences.
  • What is the Problem, Opportunity, or Unmet Need (POU)?
  • Who has the Problem, Opportunity, or Unmet Need?
  • What is the solution?
  • What other types of resources do you need?
  • Do you feel your solution can be implemented in 6 months to 2 years?
  • Estimate savings your solution will provide in dollars/manpower
  • Describe known and unknown barriers to implementation
  • Describe known and unknown risk
  • Focus Area
  • DVIDS Link to 3-minute pitch video*
  • Have you received SIF towards this solution?
  • Where did this solution originate?

Spark Tank 2022 Pitch Video Requirement

An original video no longer than 3-min is required. The video should summarize the idea and make the pitch. If selected as a finalist, videos may be used by Public Affairs (SAF/PA) for news articles.

Videos are not required to be professionally created or produced; however, the video must be reviewed by a unit’s responsible Public Affairs office to ensure suitability for public release prior to posting. The unit’s public affairs team will review/approve for public release all videos and associate keyword tags for the videos using the DVIDS accessioning tags “AFINNOFET” and “SparkTank2022” – PA will provide a link to DVIDS for the Spark Tank packages. Ensure the name of the video is the same as the name of the submission in the G.A.I.N. platform.

NOTE: The video must be approved by the local PA office prior to submission. Once approved, the PA office will load the video onto DVIDS and provide a link to include on the G.A.I.N. platform.

New this year to Spark Tank are innovation awards. Trophies/plaques will be awarded to recognize the innovative solutions proposed/developed by Airmen and Guardians across the enterprise.

The pitch competition event and innovation awards are designed to encourage intrapreneurship, retain innovators, and speed up adoption of emerging technologies, especially those developed by Airmen and Guardians that bring game-changing impact to our Air Force and Space Force.

"Our Airmen need us to integrate and accelerate the changes necessary to explore new operational concepts and bring more rapidly the capabilities that will help them in the future fights. To do this, we must . . . place capability in warfighters’ hands faster—through innovation, experimentation and rapid prototyping, and a collaborative approach with our service and industry teammates.”

- Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr.

Innovation Stories

Spark Tank 2021 encourages leadership to support Airmen ideas

As part of this effort, the wing and major command with the most number of ideas submitted by the end of the campaign will be recognized for mobilizing their organization to contribute to the Air Force's innovation mission.

Two teams tie to win Spark Tank 2020

For the first time, two teams tied to as winners of the Spark Tank 2020 competition at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium.

Air Force announces Spark Tank 2020 selectees

As the Air Force continues to build an organizational culture that empowers intrepreneurs, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate them and give them a stage to share their projects too.

Spark Tank Finalist: Luke Airmen, ASU partner to enhance F-35 training

Two 56th Operations Support Squadron Airmen and an Arizona State University student are one of six teams who are finalists in the Air Force's third annual Spark Tank competition.

Reserve Citizen Airmen among Spark Tank 2020 selectees

Reserve Citizen Airmen Master Sgt. Robert Tingle and Master Sgt. Roy Puchalski are among six finalists selected to share their innovative ideas directly with Air Force leaders for Spark Tank 2020.

Brou Gautier

Capability Lead, Spark Tank

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Watch Spark Tank 2021

2021 Winner

    Meet the Innovative Approach to C-130 Wheel Repair Team

  • justin-bauer's photo

    Master Sgt. Justin Bauer

2021 Finalists

    Meet the Next Gen Debrief Augmented Reality Debrief Environment Team

  • justin-bauer's photo

    1st Lt. Daniel Treece

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    Maj. Kevin Hawkins

    Meet the Improving Commander’s Support Staff Workflow with Office 365 Team

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    Col. Thomas Swoveland

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    Tech. Sgt. Ananias Ross

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    Mr. Anthony Apodaca

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    Mr. Bryan Gilbrech

    Meet the In-the-Ear Bone Conduction Communication Team

  • MSGT. Chris Pettingill's photo

    Master Sgt. Chris Pettingill

    Meet the Viper Hot Refuel Kit Team

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