How can I collaborate with AFWERX?

Whether you are from the Air Force, Industry, Academia or other military branches, start by completing this form to join our ecosystem to let us know what you can bring to AFWERX and stay in the loop on upcoming events and opportunities.

For Airmen

  • Join the USAF Ideation Platform
  • Submit any innovative ideas for improving Air Force technology, processes or culture to the Spark Tank Challene or to the Open Call for Innovation challenge.
  • Review the resources and educational materials we have gathered on innovation.
  • Learn more about our Open Challenges.

For Industry

How do AFWERX hubs add value?

Our innovation hubs serve as a storefront to the startup community and the Air Force for members. They can visit to share ideas, connect with resources or leverage prototyping space. A hub is the face of AFWERX Innovation and meant to be the open doors where people can come and interact with the Air Force. The staff at the hubs supports the operations, data collection and engagement with the community and internally for the Air Force.

Does AFWERX provide funding for innovation projects?

AFWERX is able to connect innovators to other funding sources within the DOD, for example the SBIR office, or other Air Force program offices. However, AFWERX itself does not typically distribute funding.