Located five blocks from the Pentagon, at Eastern Foundry, AFWERX DC provides a public workspace for Air Force innovation and collaboration. This allows us to identify and connect people and resources across government, industry, and academia in partnership with Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC).

AFWERX DC specializes in:

  • Indentifying and engaging experts to support Airmen innovation projects
  • Forecasting and reporting on technology trends to inform the AFWERX team
  • Building and managing a database of contributors interested in working with the Air Force

Info Sessions

Our team hosts a webinar every Monday at 1:00 PM ET for companies interested in learning more about AFWERX. Use the form below to register for the next webinar.


Meet the Team

  • Brian Maue's photo

    Brian "Beam" Maue

    Mission Lead & CEO

  • Dave Harden's photo

    David "Dave" Harden

    AFWERX Chief Operations Officer

  • Karen Cheng's photo

    Karen Cheng

    Director of Information Sciences & Analytics, AFWERX DC Hub

  • Tim Brumfiel's photo

    Charles Snyder

    Director, AFWERX DC Hub

  • Lauren Knausenberger's photo

    Lauren Knausenberger

    Capability Lead, Cyberspace Innovation

  • Mark Ingram's photo

    Mark Ingram

    Capability Lead, Acquisitions & Stragegy

  • Joey Arora's photo

    Joey Arora

    Capability Lead, Ecosystem Development

  • Dushyant Sadhwani's photo

    Dushyant Sadhwani

    Capability Lead, AFWERX Tech Innovation

  • Steve Lauver's photo

    Steve Lauver

    Capability Lead, Technology Accelerator

  • Randy Laz Gordon's photo

    Randy "Laz" Gordon

    Capability Lead, Strategic Initiatives & Test/Evaluation

  • Vince Pecoraro's photo

    Vince Pecoraro

    Capability Lead, Agile Contracting

  • Chris Benson's photo

    Chris Benson

    AFWERX International Liaison

  • Philip Bullmaster's photo

    Philip Bullmaster

    Financial Analyst

  • Luis Cordova's photo

    Luis Cordova

    Liaison, Public Affairs and Marketing

  • Charles Perla's photo

    Charles Perla

    Technicial Liaison

  • Glen Smith's photo

    Glen Smith

    Data Scientist

  • Glen Smith's photo

    Derek Martin

    AFWERX Liaison

  • Glen Smith's photo

    Nathan McGuire

    Director of Support Team

Contact Information


2011 Crystal Dr

Ste. 325

Arlington, VA 22202

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