COVID-19 National Response Team

Portal for Government and Airmen

In a time of unprecedented change and disruption, the Department of the Defense has established the Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) for COVID-19 to assess and rapidly respond to challenges presented by this pandemic.

To kick off the effort, we are collecting information from Airmen and other Government personnel who are interested in getting involved.

Non-government parties can get involved on our other webpage here.

Your submission will help us assess opportunities, strategize our response, coordinate solutions, and provide you further information on ways to get involved.

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Mission Focus Areas

We're grouping submissions based off the following categories so we can quickly match solutions with needs:

1. Combating the Spread (predictive analytics, next hotspot, threat to current activities, decision support, etc.)

2. Welfare of citizens (effects to transportation, movement of people and goods, education and development, physical training, regular HR functions, job transition, etc.)

3. Readiness (continuing operations through the outbreak, coordinating with allies and partners, continuing long term projects, etc.)

4. Logistics (security and protection, supply chain protection and assessment, etc.)

5. Industrial base impacts (small businesses, payments, contracts, large system programs, protection and expansion of critical assets, etc.)

6. Medical (telehealth, medical capacity and sustainment, medical supplies and equipment, etc.)

7. Other

To get involved in the Department of Defense’s response efforts, both government personnel are encouraged to fill out the form below.

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Collaboration Tools

The-Innovators Chat

Anyone issued a Department of Defense common access card can join a defense innovators-focused workspace with their .mil email address to collaborate with us.

AF Maker

This is a place where Airmen can search for and upload design files for 3-D printing and other manufacturing methods (i.e. sewing, soldering, etc.). For COVID-19 specific collaboration, use the "Crisis Response" tab.

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Share Problems and Solutions

Submit a Problem or Issue

Government personnel are encouraged to submit problems they're facing regarding COVID-19. These solutions will inform the COVID-19 Response Team on next steps.

Post a Solution

Government personnel are encouraged to submit solutions they've developed to problems they're facing regarding COVID-19. These solutions will inform the COVID-19 Response Team on next steps.

Airmen Powered by Innovation (API)

The following are API campaigns related to the challenges the Air Force is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Share your ideas, feedback and best practices below.

  • Sharing Best Practices on Working from Home
  • Understanding Airmen Barriers during COVID-19

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    Contracting Resources

    Coronavirus Acquisition-Related Information and Resources

    Check out's list of COVID-19-related resources for guidance, memorandums, resources and more.

    OSD Defense Pricing and Contracting Policy

    Check out the Office of the Secretary of Defense's Defense Pricing and Contracting resources related to COVID-19.

    Industrial Policy

    This is the Department of Defense Industry Policy's source of resources in response to COVID-19.

    Letter Contracts

    The Office of the Secretary of Defense's Defense Pricing and Contracting guidance on letter contracts can be found on this website.

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    Additional Resources

    Teleworking Resources

    COVID-19 has changed the game for how we interact as an Air Force through telework and virtual connections.

    Visit the Cyberspace Capabilities page on the AF Portal ( > COVID-19 Telework Guidance > CCC- Cyberspace Capabilities Center) for more information on current telework capabilities.

    If you have questions on commercial teleworking capabilities or have ideas on how to support continued telework efforts, please email

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    At this time, we do not have any webinars scheduled. Please check back here for any updates in the future.

    Watch previous webinars here and download the webinar slide deck here.

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    Who can be involved in the Unite and Fight effort?

    This initiative is open to anyone who wants to participate. We've broken our efforts into two tracks: non-government for industry, academica, investors, and individual contributors; government for Department of Defense personnel, federal and local government employees, and more.

    The buttons on the form don't seem work on my computer. Is something wrong?

    Some people are having difficulties accessing the form on government computers. If that's the problem you're facing, we recommend trying to access the form on another device.

    For more information regarding COVID-19, view the following websites:

  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) -
  • U.S. Government Response -
  • Coronavirus FAQ -

  • For any additional questions, feel free to shoot us an email at

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